03rd March 2017, FLASH SALON III, Forum & Salon, Saturation Point, London

Artists: Ralph Anderson, Rosalind Davis, Matt Gee, Ian Gonczarow, Alex Gough, Alastair Gordon, Hanz Hancock, Laurence Noga, Alex March, Hugh Mendes, Patrick Morrissey, Charley Peters, James Petrucci, Jessica Wilson

Undead-Painters-Flash-Salon-III-Poster undead-painters-flash-salon-III-artists undead-painters-flash-salon-III-3 undead-painters-flash-salon-III-1 undead-painters-flash-salon-III-4 undead-painters-flash-salon-III-2


22nd July 2016, FLASH SALON II, Forum & Private View, ASC Bond House Gallery, London

Artists: Richard Bateman, Dan Beard, Sasha Bowles, Rosalind Davis, Kristian Evju, Matt Gee, Alison Goodyear, Alastair Gordon, Ben Jamie, Evy Jokhova, Hannah Luxton, Enzo Marra, Charley Peters, James Petrucci, Wendy Saunders, Paul Smith, Jessica Wilson

flash-salon-ii-poster undead-painters-flash-salon-ii-artists undead-painters-flash-salonii-2 undead-painters-flash-salonii-4 undead-painters-flash-salonii-3 undead-painters-flash-salonii-5


30th June 2016, Forum with MA Painting Students, Wimbledon College of Art

undead-painters-wimbledon-3 undead-painters-wimbledon-5 undead-painters-wimbledon-2 undead-painters-wimbledon-1 undead-painters-wimbledon-4


14th August 2015, FLASH SALON: Forum & Private View, ASC Bond House Gallery, London

Artists: Richard Bateman, Dan Beard, Sasha Bowles, James Clow, Rosalind Davis, Nick Dawes, Matt Gee, Ian Gonczarow, Alastair Gordon, Fiona Grady, Ben Jamie, Trevor Kiernander, Laurence Noga, Paula MacArthur, Enzo Marra, Charley Peters, James Petrucci, Jessica Wilson, Rafal Zawistowski

undead-painters-flash-salon-poster undead-painters-flash-salon-1 undead-painters-flash-salon-2 undead-painters-flash-salon-3 undead-painters-flash-salon-4


23rd Jan 2015, Forum, ArtLacunaLondon

Surface & the artist’s hand, technology & the man made – does the man made count as the artists hand?

Artists: Ralph Anderson, Dan Beard, Nick Dawes, Philip Elbourne, Ian Gonczarow, Alastair Gordon, Fiona Grady, Ben Jamie, Laurence Noga, Enzo Marra, James Petrucci

undead-painters-artlacuna-forum-1 undead-painters-artlacuna-forum-2 undead-painters-artlacuna-forum-4 undead-painters-artlacuna-forum-3


13th October 2014, TELEOLOGY: Exhibition & Artist Talk, Husk Gallery, London

Photography: time and effort made by the viewer to interpret photography vs. painting

Artists: Dan Beard, Joss Cole, Karen David, Nick Dawes, Ian Gonczarow, Alastair Gordon, Ben Jamie, Trevor Kiernander, Laurence Noga, James Petrucci, Rafal Zawistowski

undead-painters-teleology-poster undead-painters-teleology-james-alastair undead-painters-teleology-private-view undead-painters-teleology-private-view2


25th July 2014, Forum, Griffin Gallery

Photography as subject/catalyst/inspiration. Allowing oneself to consider any image/subject as worthy

Artists: Dan Beard, Sasha Bowles, Karen David, Alastair Gordon, James Petrucci

undead-painters-forum3-1 undead-painters-forum3-2 undead-painters-forum3-3 undead-painters-forum3-4


21st Feb 2014, Forum, Husk Gallery

Teleology, form and content in painting, inconsistencies in gallery systems and lack of representations of working class subjects.

Artists: Joss Cole, Karen David, Philip Elbourne, Ian Gonczarow, Alastair Gordon, Ben Jamie, Trevor Kiernander, James Petrucci

undead-painters-forum2-artists undead-painters-forum2-1 undead-painters-forum2-4 undead-painters-forum2-2 undead-painters-forum2-3


18th Oct 2013, Forum, Husk Gallery

Ben Street ‘Zombieland: On Contemporary Painting’ 2013

Jed Perl ‘Richard Diebenkorn and Problems of Modern Painting’ 2013

Douglas Crimp ‘The End of Painting’ 1981

Artists: Karen David, Philip Elbourne, Ian Gonczarow, Alastair Gordon, Ben Jamie, Stefan Orlowski, James Petrucci, Jonathan Stubbs, Rafal Zawistowski

,undead-painters-forum1-artists undead-painters-forum1-1 undead-painters-forum1-3 undead-painters-forum1-2 undead-painters-forum1-4